Cottontail Rabbit Facts, Pictures, Information

Cottontail Rabbit

Ubiquitous throughout North and South America, cottontail rabbits, including this desert variety, are noted for their fluffy "cotton" tail.

Type: Mammal

Diet: Herbivore

Average life span in the wild: Less than 3 years

Size: 15.5 to 18.75 in (39.5 to 47.7 cm)

Weight: 28 to 54 oz (800 to 1533 g)

There are several types of cottontail bunny, but the southern cottontail is the most common. This popular pet can be found from North the u. s. declares to Southern America and, in the Usa States, from the China Seacoast to the Great Flatlands. Cottontails range from crimson darkish to grey, but all function the unique "cotton ball" longest tail for which they are known as.

These bunnies search for out environment on the edges of open spots, such as job areas, mdw, and plants, but can accommodate other habitats—including those of people.

They look through at night on low herbage and herbal remedies and are attached to lawn work out such as peas and, of course, lettuce. In winter months season, their diet becomes a bit rough and involves debris, branches, and pals. During the day, cottontails often continue to be invisible in crops. If identified, they run away from food with a zigzag design, sometimes accomplishing connections of up to 18 distance (29 kilometers) an time.

Females give beginning in short floor nests, to youthful so dependent that perhaps only 15 percent endure their first season. Luckily, bunnies particular certain dog three or four times every season and generate three to eight youthful each time. Young bunnies older quickly and are self-sufficient after only four or five months. They are while making love older after only two or three months, so numbers are able to develop with incredible rate.

Cottontails are ample and can be difficult for farmers; they are also a popular game pet.

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